Unitemps is a recruitment agency specialising in fulfilling temporary job vacancies, student jobs and internships nationwide with UK branches in Birmingham, Canterbury, Coventry, Guilford, Leicester, London, London City, Northampton, Nottingham, Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, and branches in Australia in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Unitemps, started and owned by the University of Warwick, provides temporary jobs and work opportunities on campus and in local commercial businesses for students, recent graduates and the wider candidate community.

We came on board with Unitemps to help with promoting the business among students in Canterbury, and have since produced all manner of marketing material, keeping the existing brand integrity intact, but adding a little more flair to make the information graphics more eye-catching.

Brochure Design - Business Cards - Flyers

Unitemps-brochure-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg Unitemps-business-card-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg Unitemps-brochure-2-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg Unitemps-brochure-3-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg Unitemps-business-card-design-2-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg Unitemps-brochure-4-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg