Shepherd Neame

Shepherd Neame is a family-controlled brewer and pub operator who believe that the characteristics central to their success are quality, integrity, individuality, a commitment to Faversham and the wider community of Kent, over the years we have been working for them we have tried to harness the passion of their employees and Licensees in all of the design work we have created for them.

Posters - Label Design - Photography - Signage

Shepherd-Neame-poster-2-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg Shepherd-Neame-Poster-Illustration-Canterbury-Graphic-Design.jpg Shepherd-Neame-poster-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg Shepherd-Neame-poster-3-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg Shepherd-Neame-poster-2-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg