Prestige Air Technology

From individual houses to large commercial projects, Prestige Air Technology provide the complete solution for gas and in ground vapour protection.

Leading the field in their industry, Prestige Air approached us to produce alongside one of our close collaborative app development partners an app that would make their workers jobs much easier, cutting down on paper form filling, photography and video for the construction sites they were visiting. The app we created the visuals for and project managed makes form filling a breeze, enabling the worker to do everything with their iPad tablet, the app will take photos and videos, organise the input data and then sync with a remote server sending all the data back to the head office which can be commented and added too by other workers in the business.

On the strength of the app, Prestige Air then commissioned us to re-design and construct their website to make it responsive for all device screen sizes, making it much more intuitive to navigate around, providing the person browsing the website with a much better user experience.

App UI - Website

Prestige-app-ui-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.png Prestige-app-ui-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury-02.png Prestige-app-ui-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury-03.png Prestige-app-ui-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury-05.png Prestige-app-ui-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury-04.png