Eyelash Excellence

Eyelash Excellence training courses are delivered solely by Master Lash Artist, International trainer and Lash Judge, Frankie Widdows. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is always up to date with the latest developments within the ever-evolving Lash Industry.

Frankie has built a solid reputation within the Lash Industry, with her advanced technical knowledge, openness to share her techniques, accessibility to her students, quality of her own lash work and that produced by her students: as such they travel from far and wide to take part in her courses.

We created a style for Frankie's manuals that stands head and shoulders above the competition in the lashing industry, by using illustration for the instructional diagrams within the manuals and a clean look and feel with the more vibrant colouring of the rest of the manuals, we have given her a recognisable brand that is now the brand to beat.

Manual Design - Illustration

Eyelash-brochure-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg Eyelash-brochure-4-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg Eyelash-brochure-8-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg Eyelash-brochure-5-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg Eyelash-brochure-7-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg Eyelash-brochure-2-design-agency-graphic-design-canterbury.jpg